Sebastian Grzelak

“ I have been going to In2Performance for around 4 years now and for the first two years i did weights but mostly cardio which helped me go from 115 kg to 83 kg. I then continued and got down to 77 kg which has been my lowest weight i have ever been.

Then I was not happy with the result since I did not gain much muscle so use the free PT session that the gym offered when I signed up. I had Simon Mccoy write a program for me to build muscle and at the same time strength and have had amazing results. I have gained around 10kg of muscle and look healthier and stronger and on a daily basis I eat around 4000 calories a day and train around 5-6 days a week,

A few reasons I train are first and foremost I Do Not want to go back to what I was when I started at this journey as I was in a bad place physically and mentally. Training also helps with my anxiety and it has been great to meet people that have similar goals and find out information about training that I did not know beforehand and the results it makes feel good when all my hard work pays off”

Hard work pays off.

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