miOsteopath from IN2 WELLBEING

Introducing Dr. John Paul (miOsteopath) – office located within In2Performance. 


How miOsteopath can help you: 

  • Assists with a wide range of complaints and conditions:

    • Joint sprains, muscle strains, tendon injuries, postural issues, neck and back pain, elbow/shoulder/wrist/knee/hip/ankle issues, sporting/lifting injuries, general soreness + more.

  • Aims to identify the cause of the complaint with a thorough history and assessment.

  • Through using a variety of treatment techniques, advice and rehab undertakes a plan to solve the complaint and prevent it from happening again in the future. 


What is offered during a consultation: 

  • History and assessment to reach a diagnosis – identify what the issue is.

  • Treatment- massage, joint movement, manipulation, dry needling, cupping, electrotherapy. – hands on therapy to make changes to the issue.

  • Rehab + advice on lifestyle, exercise, diet etc. – to support the issue during daily life. 


Available via appointment 7 days a week. HICAPS available. 


Contact miOsteopath directly on 0481 351 172 or book now at miOsteopath.com.au.