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Most Recommended MMA and Combat Fitness Gym in Noble Park

If you are looking for a gym in Noble Park that provides mixed martial arts (MMA) classes, you have come to the right place. In2Performance is one of the leading gyms offering MMA and Combat sessions to fitness enthusiasts coming from various suburbs including Dandenong, Springvale, Keysborough and Mulgrave.

We also run BJJ, freestyle wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing sessions for fitness enthusiasts.

Train with Powerlifting Australia Affiliated Club

We are a powerlifting Australia affiliated club. We have Eleiko IPF approved competition equipment in our gym which isused by world-class champions.

So, if you’re looking for training on approved powerlifting equipment – we have you covered.

MMA - Most Comprehensive Fighting Style

At In2Performance, you can choose your style of training for MMA. Our training sessions are combined with the latest techniques in sports science that ultimately offers you maximum fat-burn, strength building, better immune system and a flexible body.

All our training sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced trainers who help you achieve your goals.

Our MMA programme is perfect for people living near Dandenong and Noble Park. Our programmes are suitable for everyone and offer various benefits, like:

  • ​Weight loss and fat burn

  • Improved cardiovascular resistance

  • Overall body and core strength

  • Improved flexibility and body balance

  • Effective self-defence techniques

  • Stress and mental health management

  • Eleiko IPF approved competition equipment

  • BJJ, freestyle wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing sessions

Combat Training - Energetic Workout for a Fit and Strong Body

Combat training is an effective way to reach your fitness goal. It is a high-energy martial-art inspired workout. We help you destroy those extra calories while making you punch, kick, block and strike. Targeting every muscle group, you are able to get a whole-body workout by choosing our combat training with our expert trainers. We will constantly boost you to make the most out of your training session.

Our gym serves clients from Noble Park and nearby suburbs including Dandenong, Springvale, Keysborough and Mulgrave.

Like MMA, even combat training has a lot to offer:

  • ​Weight loss

  • Fat burn

  • Toned body

  • Self-confidence and stress-relief

  • Focus and balance improvement

  • Core strength improvement

  • Increased mobility

Book Your MMA or Combat Training Today!

Want to start your MMA or combat training - look no further than In2Performance. Book your first class by calling us on (03) 9790 1947.

All facets of Mixed Martial Arts training with world class coaches, amongst the best in Australia

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