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Chinese Medicine

In2Performance would like to welcome In2Performance Chinese medicine team -

Dr Kenny Law Hinterreiter. and Dr Andrew Bruce Leader

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Acupuncture  針灸治療

The act of inserting fine needle into structures below the skin, on specific channel(s), and/or between channels to illicit sensation.


 This procedure is administer:

  • to promote gathering of Qi and Blood;

  • to unblock Qi and Blood blockage;

  • to remove and disperse accummulation;

  • to regulate, strengthen, nourish and protect Internal Organ (Zangfu) functions;

  • to release, tone, promote healing to Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal disorders and illness.


Herbal Medicine  草藥治療

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) has a long standing history of usage and well documented.  It draws upon wide variety of medicinal substance including plants, animals, insects, and minerals.  To date there are over 11,000 herbs are documented, but only a handful of just over 500 types clinically use today.

Formulation of CHM formula is carefully crafted in this practice, and it is individualised according to client's Syndrome Differentiation.

Cupping  拔罐

Gua Sha  刮痧


Tui Na (Chinese Remedial Massage and Bodywork)  推拿

Specific therapeutic massage skills in the treatment of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia connective tissue dysfunction due to injuries from sports or daily routine.

Tui Na is also useful in pain management, gynaecological and obstetric disorders, and beneficial for paediatric growth and development.


Their Mission and Vision is to provide best possible health care to all clients regardless of :


•       gender, sexuality and sexual orientation

•       race

•       religion

•       ethic and cultural background

•       social status

•       income status


We are here to provide best possible health outcomes for our clients by integration of Chinese Medicine with Conventional Medicine and Allied Health providers.

The premise is secure with camera and intercom for the comfort and privacy of our clients.  Therefore all Consultation and Treatment by Appointment Only.  Same day request or booking welcome

Acupuncture      $100-160 Duration Varies


Tui Na Massage $100 Duration Varies 


Herbs                 $80   Duration Varies  100g


Cupping             $80   Duration Varies  Each Cup $10


Wet Cupping      $25   Duration Varies  Each Cup $25


GuaSha              $30   Duration Varies


Tincher              $25    Duration Varies   External100m 

                          $40    Duration Varies   Internal20m


Acupuncture or Dry Needling ? What is the difference ?

Which modality is the right one for me ? WHO ARE THE REAL DEAL ?

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